How Metaverse will Power the Next Generation Gaming?

Video games are globally the most common form of entertainment. No wonder gaming companies are always trying to up their game by making things more addictive, immersive, and exciting. Using virtual reality and augmented reality, they can now deliver life-like experiences. The users or gamers can enjoy them from anywhere, and all they need for that is fast internet and VR headsets. 

Changing the rules of gaming is a community called Metaverse. Metaverse has gained more popularity since Mark Zuckerberg rebranded Facebook to Meta. The community could soon become a place where people live their virtual lives, for it’s a whole world in itself. Blockchain technology has only added to its charm because now, you can play games, meet people, spend some time, earn money(tokens), buy and sell digital assets (NFTs), and so on. Gaming has become more than just simple entertainment on the Metaverse blockchain.

Metaverse – What Is It?

Metaverse is a virtual reality gaming community whose aim is to develop a platform on which users can play games and earn money, all the while having some fun in their digital avatars. It is the convergence of virtual and physical realities in a digital world. One could live the life they always dream of. Presently, Metaverse is still in its infancy, but Zuckerberg believes it will become the successor to mobile internet.

In practice, the Metaverse will be a mix of current and future technologies that are still in their developmental stages. These technologies will work together cohesively to deliver a tangible, digital experience on top of reality. The experience would be facilitated by VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), and XR (Extended Reality) and accessed through glasses, goggles, and other devices that are still in the works.

In essence, instead of playing as outsiders looking in, the gamers would become a part of the game and actually experience it from inside the virtual world. One day, not so far in the future, they may even be able to feel the sensations. That’s how devilishly revolutionary Metaverse gaming is going to be.

Metaverse Powering Next Generation Gaming

The way things are proceeding, Metaverse is just the beginning of a revolutionary era in the gaming world. The entire experience of gaming will change in the following manner:

  • Play And Earn – Today’s gaming requires players to purchase powers, special features, etc. So you only spend, but the games of tomorrow on Metaverse will level the field. Players will be able to sell their virtual or digital assets and receive payment in the cryptocurrency of the platform. Gaming will no longer be a one-way street. You will be able to play, spend, and earn.
  • Flexibility To Create Sub-Games – Presently, players playing a game follow pre-set gaming patterns. They complete assigned tasks, clear levels, and move ahead. The games of the future will allow players to build their own sub-games or challenges within a game. The main game now becomes a supporting platform for secondary or tertiary activities.
  • Transferring In-Game Assets – When you play a game today, the assets of one game cannot be used in another. Everything is game-specific. Metaverse games will make things more flexible. It will allow the movement of assets between diverse virtual worlds and the games. Your avatar enhancements and weapons cache for one game will be transferable to another. The NFTs would decide the rules of ownership.
  • More prominent Social Circle – In Metaverse, gaming is not the only thing possible. One can invite their non-gamer friends and colleagues to hang around and spend some time in a virtual space doing things they would have done had they gone out together. Similarly, one can forge new friendships with other gamers and expand their social interactions.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Expectation Of Metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg is making “Matrix” a reality by providing an alternate reality experience through Metaverse. His vision of Metaverse is to make a platform where users can live their alternate lives and experience them in real-time.

In his vision, he dreams of a future provided by Metaverse where participants will teleport as holograms to an office, a concert, or simply from one room to another. All this will happen instantly. The TVs and board games that are today assembled in factories will be simple holograms in the future.

Although Metaverse seems to be the baby of one company presently, as it grows and develops further, creators and developers from any walk of life will be able to enhance its experience. It will become a joint venture of exceptional digital experiences and interoperability.

Expectation Vs. Reality

At present, Zuckerberg’s vision of Metaverse may seem too far-fetched. Nonetheless, their dedication to bringing it to fruition is worth appreciation. Its development so far looks pretty promising. They are already working towards making devices and tools at subsidized rates so that it is within easy reach of the masses. The road ahead is long and humbling, pitted with roadblocks. Only time will tell whether the target is achieved on schedule or not. Until then, there’s a lot yet to be done to make people more comfortable using blockchains.

Digital assets like NFTs are still a new thing for most people. To use Metaverse optimally, they will have to be enlightened of the vast possibilities they represent. Not only that, governments worldwide, too, will have to accept cryptocurrencies as mainstream and opt for better policies. Stringent measures for data privacy to keep real people’s identities and their avatars safe, too, will have to be worked out.

So there’s still a lot to be done, and the journey has just started. New members are already working towards fulfilling the vision of Metaverse. Games like Minecraft and companies like Roblox and Epic Games are already developing digitized experiences that will work effortlessly with VR gear.

It’s too early to comment on what the future of gaming will look like, but if the present scenario is anything to go by, it sure seems to be a new success story in the making.