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    Founded in 2003, PermuTrade is a fully integrated trading company of cementitious dry bulk materials with a strong global footprint. We also specialize in water quality detection and treatment systems as well as providing consulting services in the digital assets and technology space. With our diverse clients and extensive market knowledge, we provide an environment where clients can quickly ascertain information to make critical business decisions.

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    Latest Blogs

    • Difference Between Non-Hydraulic Cement & Hydraulic Cement

      When it comes to the construction of homes, buildings, sidewalks, dams, bridges, etc., cement is an industry staple. Its unique and versatile qualities are well-acknowledged and make for its widespread usage. Despite such high demand for cement, many people are unaware of its basic types.

      July 11, 2022
    • What Is Cement? 5 Types Of Cement And Their Uses In Concrete Construction

      Cement is the core of every construction. Everything is made of cement, whether a road, bridge, dam, house, building, pavement, or office. But did you know there are many different types of cement, and each has its specific use based on its properties?

      July 4, 2022
    • Five Stages of Gypsum Production Process

      Gypsum is an extremely useful mineral that occurs naturally in nature. Formed between layers of sedimentary rocks, it is a soft (so easy to scratch), chalky rock that appears almost white. The impurities embedded in gypsum may give it gray to a yellowish color.

      June 30, 2022