Cryptocurrency Services Consulting

1. Crypto Acquisition Services

Cryptocurrencies are currently the hottest investments on the market, and for a good reason. If you invested just $1000 into Bitcoin in 2011, you would have been a billionaire today. The potential returns crush anything achievable in the world of traditional finance. It’s not uncommon for investors to hit a 500% or 1000% return on investment. But with rewards come risks, and cryptocurrencies can be fiendishly complex. We’ve broken down the essentials of crypto investing and how we can help you out.

In the long term, Bitcoin may replace the banking system. Still, cryptocurrencies can be an excellent investment in the short term, and it’s essential to include them in your portfolio for diversification. Ethereum increased 5000% last year. Litecoin increased almost 10x in a few days recently. Many other newcomers like Solana and Cardano are faster and have lower gas fees than Ethereum.

But you can’t just dial up your broker and order some cryptos. There are different steps to buying Bitcoin and altcoins. Although exchanges like Binance and Coinbase made it easier to invest in cryptocurrencies, it is essential to have an investment strategy and understand the value behind each token. There are also more advanced terms such as DeFI (decentralized finance) for yield farming, savings, and lending. Investing in ICO’s or IDO’s (Initial Coin/Dex Offerings) also has excellent potential.

Fortunately, you don’t need to know everything. At PermuTrade, we can eliminate the stress and hassle of crypto investing. We will guide you through the crypto procurement process to retain our consulting services. We will also help you identify potential risks and how to mitigate them. Lastly, we will help you set realistic goals and identify efficient ways to track your progress.

2. Cryptocurrency Storage Services

So you made a life-changing decision and invested in the world of cryptocurrencies. Maybe you’re intrigued by the world-shaking long-term potential of decentralized currency. Maybe you’re just looking for returns you can’t get anywhere else. Either way, crypto investors have been winning big. The tradeoff of those high returns is you’ll need to be more diligent about security than if you were buying some bonds. We’ll cover the essentials below and some options we offer.

Investing in cryptocurrency is nothing like investing traditionally. Buyers of stocks and bonds through a broker can rest easy, knowing their money is entirely safe. Crypto doesn’t have that luxury. Countries worldwide are beginning to step up and regulate cryptocurrency, but it isn’t easy to regulate something decentralized. With great rewards come significant risk and make no mistake, crypto can be risky.

Just ask investors of Mt.Gox, an early Bitcoin exchange that was hacked and saw 850,000 Bitcoins stolen. Those would be worth several billion today. Bitfinex last year lost a cool $72 million. EtherDelta users just lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in a phishing scam. Exchanges have improved over the years, leading to our first cryptocurrency security tip. Do not keep your coins in exchange.

You have a variety of places to store Bitcoin, but software and hardware wallets are the most popular and best thought of. Never, under any circumstances, store them on an exchange. As we’ve just covered, exchanges can get hacked. If someone swipes your credit card and goes on a shopping spree, you can call your bank and reverse charges. If someone sneaks into Coinbase tomorrow and steals your Bitcoins, you’ll never see that money again.

Software wallets are programs you can run on your computer that store your cryptos. There are different ones for various coins. Some prefer hardware wallets because they’re a physical means of storage. They look and act like a USB drive where you plug them into your computer, transfer the coins, toss the hardware wallet in a lockbox, and sleep easy. At PermuTrade, we offer two of the best hardware wallet options in the market: The Trezor and the Ledger Nano.

The Trezor and the Ledger Nano are two of the best-reviewed hardware wallets available, and we’re proud to offer both. The Trezor was the first Bitcoin hardware wallet. It works with macOS, Windows, Linux, and Android software. Currently, Trezor supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, and all ERC-20 tokens in the Ethereum family. Many coins are being launched through Ethereum, meaning Trezor will store them. It also holds Dash, Litecoin, and Zcash, among others.

The Ledger supports a broader range of tokens: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum, Komodo, PoSW, Ripple, and Stratis, among others. Both hardware wallets run similar software and have a similar interface, so pick the one that suits your portfolio best and get serious about securing your coins.

3. Escrow Services

PermuTrade is proud to offer secure crypto escrow services for businesses and individuals.

Cryptocurrency is still in the wild west stage in many ways. Governments worldwide are beginning to regulate crypto, but it’s inherently difficult to control a decentralized currency with no leaders or physical base. Sleazy crypto websites and scam coins are popping up left and right. You need a name you can trust to do business with crypto, and PermuTrade is proud to offer a versatile crypto escrow service.

Let’s back up and assess why a crypto escrow service is needed. The business implications and possibilities of cryptocurrency are revolutionary. Faster and cheaper than current money transfer options, untouchable by banks and governments, cryptocurrencies are already being adopted by savvy companies. But a lot can go wrong.

Cryptocurrency transactions are sometimes sent to the wrong address. Sometimes, wallets or exchanges are hacked. Bitcoin is tough to trace, and other currencies like ZCash and Monero have already been created with total privacy in mind. You could pay someone in Bitcoin to provide a service or good, but nothing stops them from taking the money and running. Escrow services have the answer.

Escrow accounts are nothing new, but their use in cryptocurrency is. An escrow account serves as a trusted middleman between two parties. If you’re hiring a freelance web designer to build a page, you want to make sure he does it, and he wants to make sure he gets paid. For instance, half of the payment can be sent and locked up in escrow. The rest is released when the job is done. Both parties get security and protection.

Escrow accounts have apparent potential in crypto. Individuals or businesses can lock up paying for services or goods. Then it can be released when the terms of the contract are fulfilled. This is especially helpful with cryptocurrencies, given their untraceable nature, and many people don’t yet fully understand them. They allow businesses and individuals to use the cryptocurrencies they want, with traditional currency’s convenience and peace of mind. PermuTrade is proud to offer trusted crypto escrow accounts.

Buyers and sellers alike can operate with peace of mind through our escrow services. Buyers will have X days to send funds for a good or service. Once they’re sent, the seller can see that and uphold their end of the bargain. When the buyer gets what they paid for, they can release the funds. If either user has issues, the funds will be held in escrow while it’s determined if one party has a grievance that needs addressing. It’s a massive improvement from the current crypto business.

PermuTrade is proud to enable B2B and P2P use of crypto. Revolutionary technology paired with safety and security is a winning combination. That’s one reason cryptocurrencies like Ethereum have already begun trying to set up escrow services. It’s the future of doing business with crypto, and PermuTrade is excited to be your best option.

4. Coins Recovery Services

At PermuTrade, we’re excited to offer one of the most innovative crypto procedures on the market: Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash recovery services. In 2017, Bitcoin underwent a “hard fork,” causing the currency to split into two different coins. Now there’s Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. We’ll get into why this happened, but it isn’t clear for many newcomers. Many unfortunate investors lost money, sending Bitcoin to a Bitcoin Cash address and vice-versa. That money was gone forever. Or so everyone thought.

Let’s rewind and get into why there are multiple Bitcoins. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies aim to be decentralized: no one is in charge. Bitcoin’s mysterious creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, was scarred by the destructive impact of the 2008 financial crisis. He designed Bitcoin so no one could be in charge of it. Unfortunately, this does cause some quarreling within the Bitcoin community. Bitcoin has long struggled to scale upwards as it became more popular. In 2017, the divide crystallized, and Bitcoin split into Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Cryptocurrency can be staggeringly complex to newcomers who can’t distinguish Bitcoins from blockchains. There are now two significant currencies with “Bitcoin” in the name that are very similar and confuse many people. To top it off, Bitcoin addresses and Bitcoin Cash addresses look highly similar. An address is a long string of numbers and letters identifying where cryptocurrencies are sent. If you want to buy something off the internet with Bitcoin, you’ll send the funds to the website’s address.

After the hard fork, hundreds of thousands of dollars were sent by mistake from one address to another. With new investors piling into crypto every day, the problem is just getting worse. Some estimate up to half a million worth of Bitcoin Cash is just languishing in flawed addresses. But some clever crypto enthusiasts have found a patch. Examining both networks, their encryption, and technical details revealed a glimmer of possibility.

The nitty-gritty technical details of how your lost coins are recoverable are fiendishly complex. Still, you don’t need to understand the technical minutiae of SegWit addresses to get your hard-earned cashback. Firstly, mining pools that mistakenly received coins are contacted. They are offered an incentive to assist. Lastly, they’ll mine the coin but not broadcast mining it. This prevents someone from double-spending the coins that already exist.

This solution isn’t perfect because it relies on an open mining pool to mine the recovered coin. Theoretically, an untrustworthy mining pool could rip you off. That’s why it’s critical to select honest mining groups and offer them a reasonable reward. Compared to the current situation, it’s a phenomenal leap forward.

PermuTrade is proud to offer coin recovery for a reasonable 20% fee. Half of this money goes to our trusted mining partners. Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash sent to the wrong address was thought to be gone forever. Fortunately, we’ve partnered with the best mining pools and implemented the latest technology to bring your money home due to the technically challenging nature of coin recoveries. However, we collect payment only if we succeed, so it’s a zero-risk proposition for you.

5. Wallet Recovery Services

In addition to saving your lost Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, PermuTrade is proud to offer another in-demand crypto service: wallet recovery. Many aspiring investors have compiled fat wallets full of high-upside cryptocurrencies. But a single slip or technical error could leave you forever out of luck. Investors were angry and desperate to recover their hard-earned cash. Fortunately, wallet recovery services were developed, and we’re proud to offer that to you.

For those new to the wonderfully profitable world of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are purchased through exchanges. Exchanges function similarly to conventional stock exchanges, with security as the main big difference. Stocks on an exchange can’t be hacked, but cryptocurrencies are a big target to malicious hackers. Crypto is still in the Wild West phase in many ways, and if your coins get hacked off an exchange, they’re gone forever.

Savvy investors have employed proper security measures, which we’ve covered elsewhere. This typically entails downloading a software wallet or purchasing a hardware wallet. A wallet keeps your coins safe. However, technical competency is necessary to use a wallet properly. Investors need to understand private keys versus public keys, two-factor authentication, and other security measures. It’s a lot to keep track of, and sometimes, people slip up and forget a password or lose a private key. Those coins were forever inaccessible until now.

Similar to how PermuTrade can help recover lost Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, we’ve explored all the best options and worked with the best partners to help recover lost wallets. We’ll collect your info, where your coins are, and what kind we’re trying to recover, as well as any best guesses you can provide as to what your password or the private key was due to the technically challenging nature of wallet recoveries. However, we collect payment only if we succeed, so it’s a zero-risk proposition for you.

If we succeed, we charge 20% of the wallet split between our recovery partners and us. We use the latest technological advances in crypto, as well as our own considerable experience, to give us the best chance possible to recover your wallet. If you’ve lost access to your hard-earned cash, we’d love to help you out. Since we don’t charge you if we can’t recover the wallet, you’ve got nothing to lose and a tremendous amount to gain.

Cryptocurrency is undergoing an all-time boom. A dollar today could be worth ten in a year. There are risks and technical challenges, as anyone who’s lost access to a wallet can tell you. With cryptocurrency shooting up in value, the best time to recover a wallet is right now, and we can help you with that. Your returns in a year could easily dwarf any money you payout for a successful recovery.

Don’t let your hard-earned cash and smart investments disappear into the internet underbelly. Reach out to PermuTrade if you’ve lost access to your wallet. We’re committed to bringing your money home.

6. Estate Planning Services

Successful cryptocurrency investment can ensure your family’s wealth and happiness. But sometimes, tragedy can strike when you least expect it. An unfortunate accident could leave your family and loved ones in financial peril and unable to access your cryptocurrencies. All those security measures you implemented could make it almost impossible for your family to get help when they need it. PermuTrade offers estate planning in the 21st century, tailored to your family’s situation and incorporating proper passage of your digital assets.

Many people think estate planning is something only the wealthy need to bother with or those with substantial land tracts. But estate planning doesn’t only cover your estate, everything you own compromises your estate. Your car, house, favorite books, and all your other assets all need a home if you pass away. There’s a lot of other misconceptions about wills and regular estate planning. At PermuTrade, we cover estate planning for cryptocurrencies you own, something other planners won’t.

Rarely does someone log in to Coinbase thinking of where their coins will go when they perish, but they should?

Cryptocurrencies are here for the long haul, and this is just the beginning. With the incredible returns offered, cryptocurrencies purchased cheaply today could be worth significantly more in ten years. Thus, besides proper coin security, as we’ve covered elsewhere, it makes sense to plan to pass on your coins were anything ever to happen. Most people don’t even realize their wallets would likely be inaccessible to loved ones.

Governments can’t even handle regulating cryptocurrency yet, so expecting conventional estate planners to grip it isn’t realistic. PermuTrade offers specialized estate planning for crypto in addition to traditional estate planning. You should consider which coins you’ll pass on to whom, are there tax implications, where the coins are stored, will your beneficiaries be able to access your wallets, etc. You must consider these tough questions to protect and plan for your loved ones.

Many people neglect to pen a will out of apathy or ignorance. This is another crucial step we can help you out with. State Intestate Succession laws govern how your assets are passed on without a will, which may not be what you wanted. Only a spouse or blood relative gets anything under default law. Friends, step-children, domestic partners, and more are all out of luck. That’s assuming anyone can even access your cryptocurrency wallet since good security requires never sharing your private key.

At PermuTrade, we’ll work step-by-step with you. We’ll assess your crypto portfolio and help you develop an effective crypto estate plan. We will also help you develop supporting documents such as a letter to loved ones, crypto inventory, beneficiary access levels, access plans, and most importantly, test your plan. Don’t leave your family hanging, or try fumbling through a traditional estate planner for your crypto assets. At PermuTrade, we’re proud to offer the best crypto estate planning available anywhere.

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