The PermuTrade Legionella Detection System

Lab testing is not always a possibility. Sometimes because the lab is far and the sample deteriorates en route, and other times because although the lab may be nearby, it does not do the requisite test. It might seem a small matter in normal circumstances, but what if we were to tell you these seemingly inconsequential details can be the game-changer in stopping the spread of diseases. That got you thinking?

Imagine having a device at your disposal that allows you to test the sample on-site without having to depend on transporting the sample to the lab. This is precisely what The PermuTrade Legionella Detection System does. It is a perfect example of how technology can help save lives.

The PermuTrade Legionella Detection System

The PermuTrade Legionella Detection System is a portable DNA analyzer. In places where reliable testing techniques are not available, it makes life extremely easy. The cube is a compact (measuring 4 inches in all directions) diagnostic system. It uses the Polymerase Chain Reaction technology, the very same used by any full-service laboratory. Instead of a concrete, brick, and mortar structure, there is a small portable device doing all the work. In short, the lab is now in your hands.

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. There was and still exists a pressing demand for quick action when it comes to testing for the presence of microbes, bacteria, and viruses. The need is especially high where a large number of people work or live. It is because if one person contracts a contagious disease, a chain reaction starts, and one after the other, people start falling ill. The prime advantage of the PermuTrade Legionella Detection System is that it allows swift on-site testing of samples and gives reliable results.

The PermuTrade Legionella Detection System Tests

The PermuTrade Legionella Detection System is a small device that can be used to test for a range of human diseases. One can also use it for detecting infectious bacteria in food and harmful microbes present in water. It includes tests for the following:
COVID-19 Test – Considering the rapid spread of the coronavirus, one can use the detection system for swift identification of the COVID-19 virus.
CYP2C19 Test – The detection system helps with rapid genotyping and aids in antiplatelet therapy.
Legionella Test – One can also test for the presence of Legionella bacteria in the water systems using the detection system.

The Working Of The PermuTrade Legionella Detection System

Here is how The PermuTrade Legionella Detection System works:
The first step involves collecting the sample. It could be saliva, water, or another substance. The collected sample is inserted into a DNA test cartridge that can only be used once.
The cartridge is inserted in the cube analyzer, where it extracts the DNA/RNA and makes its millions of copies using the gold standard of PCR technology.
An optical system within the detection system identifies the heightened fluorescence, and the preprogrammed algorithm generates the test result.
The cube comes equipped with a variety of test kits, each of which corresponds to a particular disease, virus, or bacteria. Every kit also has a unique barcode. When the user scans the barcode, the machine runs the corresponding program to process the sample. The users can connect their cube via wifi to a laptop or tablet and view the results.

Benefits Of The PermuTrade Legionella Detection System

The PermuTrade Legionella Detection System is a cracker of a deal. Its key advantages include:
Rapid Test Results – There are many regions where labs are not close on hand. Also, where labs are close, you may still have to wait for them to process your sample because there might be others ahead of you in the line. All in all, getting a quick result is not always a possibility. If you are lucky, you may get the result in a day or two. Else, the wait may extend anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. The wait is now over. The PermuTrade Legionella Detection System gives results in an hour.
Portability Of Testing – The PermuTrade Legionella Detection System is a decentralized testing option. It means testing can be done on-site, and there is no dependency on a lab somewhere to process the sample and spew the result. The decentralized on-site testing capability makes living in remote communities and working in remote industries that much more straightforward. In times of need, the collected samples can be tested on-site, and that allows for quick intervention efforts and remedial actions to contain any situation.
Accurate Results – The biggest drawback of traditional lab testing is that the sample often starts deteriorating even before it reaches the lab. As a result, by the time testing begins, the sample has degraded so much that you can’t rely on the results. When you use the detection system, the sample can be tested there and then. There are no transportation delays or processing delays and hence, no chances of the sample degrading. So the results you get are accurate and reliable.

Who Is The PermuTrade Legionella Detection System Meant For?

The PermuTrade Legionella Detection System serves a wide array of people from different walks of life, including:

  • Healthcare professionals.
  • Remote communities.
  • Medical distributors.
  • Government bodies.
  • Commercial industries.

Even Clinical Studies Are Leveraging The PermuTrade Legionella Detection System

Still skeptical of laying your trust in The PermuTrade Legionella Detection System? If clinical studies are leveraging this little power-packed wonder, so can you. Here are some studies that have placed their trust in this unique detection system:
New England Journal of Medicine – A Genotype-Guided Strategy for Oral P2Y12 Inhibitors in Primary PCI.
The Lancet – Point-of-care genetic testing for personalization of antiplatelet treatment (RAPID GENE): a prospective, randomized, proof-of-concept trial.
Journal of the American Medical Association – Effect of Genotype-Guided Oral P2Y12 Inhibitor Selection vs. Conventional Clopidogrel Therapy on Ischemic Outcomes After Percutaneous Coronary Intervention.


The PermuTrade Legionella Detection System lays a solid foundation for bringing together precision medicine, infectious disease, and local environmental testing. Once its full capability is realized, one can think about its applications in more familiar places (like a pharmacy) instead of specialized setups (like a hospital or a special lab). Soon using a portable analyzer will become an everyday thing. In the meantime, the baby steps towards that day have started.

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