10 Key Benefits of Local SEO for Small Businesses

In this age of digital marketing, creating brand awareness and building business reputation is impossible without Search Engine Optimization. This concentrated effort is necessary to bring your products and services in front of those looking for them.

SEO allows enterprises to gain more visibility through improving their ranking on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). When users search on Google or Bing or any other search engine using a phrase or keyword, only SEO-optimized websites will pop up. If yours is there, you are already a winner because the chances of bagging a new client have increased tenfold. The rest will depend on how attractive and interactive your website is and the quality of your product.

This article aims to give you an insight into the 10 key benefits of local SEO, especially for small businesses.

10 Key Benefits of Local SEO For Small Businesses

Small companies generally depend on the local area to generate business. Most of their customers will be in the same area from where they operate. Therefore, local SEO is a must for such establishments. Ten key benefits they can gain from it are:

  1. Reach Out To The Local Population – If the business is a small start-up, it needs to let the people know of its existence. To do that, it is necessary to reach out to the local community, and the best way to achieve that goal is through local SEO. As the ranking improves on the SERPs and the business gains the first-page position, the locals become aware of it. They start associating the initiative with the product. The more they see you there, the more likely they are to convert to customers.
  2. Increase In Website Traffic – Once on the first page of the search engine, the first thing you will notice is a radical increase in the traffic coming to the company website. This outcome is a direct result of improved rankings. As more locals come to your pages, you will get an excellent chance to start building your customer lists. You can now direct efforts to attract the visitors into customers.
  3. Make A Mobile-Friendly Website – A majority of the local population is searching on a handheld smart device for the keywords related to your business. Local SEO will help identify areas that will make your website mobile-friendly. Through mobile optimization, the website will open flawlessly on tablets and smartphones. It will load quickly and also be easy to navigate. In short, it does not matter which medium the prospects use to search. You will still be there to awe and excite them.
  4. Become Front And Center Of People Looking For Your Offering – Your startup is now a more settled business. Yet, to grow, you need to reach your target audience in a more refined manner. Using relevant keywords will attract the masses, and adding negative keywords will help weed out those who don’t meet your customer persona. In the end, your business is only visible to people with high intent. 
  5. Improvement In Conversion Rates – As high intent people are directed towards your business website or online store, your conversion rates are bound to improve. The relevant traffic brought on by local SEO is crucial to increasing sales. Without local SEO, you will lose out on this brilliant opportunity.
  6. Lower Advertising Cost – If you put SEO aside for a moment, you will realize all marketing efforts cost money, and the more aggressive you play, the more you have to pay. Now let’s talk about local SEO. It costs nothing. So, if you pair local SEO optimization with other marketing efforts, you will realize there’s no need to pay dearly. You can cut the expense to a fraction and still get the desired results. Hence, it wouldn’t be off the mark to claim local SEO will lower your advertising expense.
  7. Sidestep Competition – You are not the only company in the market offering the product. There are others too operating in the same local area. But some of them are not taking the time out for SEO efforts. Instead, they rely only on traditional marketing tactics. As is apparent, people flock to the internet when they need anything. Consequently, only a local SEO-optimized company will be able to make merry on this golden opportunity.
  8. Link With Upstream And Downstream Businesses – Businesses grow when they help each other. Local SEO will help create inbound and outbound links with both upstream and downstream businesses. The more quality links you can get, the more favorably Google looks at your business. As you send interested people to their website, they, too, direct their customers to yours. It’s a win-win situation that helps everybody grow and prosper.
  9. Lasting Rankings – Local SEO will improve your SERP rankings for a long time. Although if you want to sustain it, you will have to work on improving the SEO continuously. It is not a one-time activity and should never be taken as such. Since it does not cost a penny, and there are only gains to be had, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest time and effort in it. Even traditional marketing costs and the results it gives are at best temporary. For sustained growth, there’s nothing better than local SEO.
  10. Build Brand Reputation Locally – Building brand reputation is key to achieving success. Local SEO efforts make your business well known locally. It will help you garner reviews from the local population, and their feedback acts as free advertisement. Building a solid community presence will only attract more business and aid your growth process while positively building your brand reputation.


Living in a digital era and not using its tools and techniques for business growth is not wise. Every business needs to move full steam ahead and embrace every opportunity to prosper. Some will cost a pretty penny like PPC advertising, but others like local SEO will not cost a dime. To forgo these free opportunities of advancement would be foolish, especially when they can help you reach exponential and sustained growth in a short time.